Vivo’s V17 Pro has two pop-up selfie cameras


Right on the heels of the sleek, experimental Nex 3, Vivo has announced a new phone at the mid-to-high end of the market. The V17 Pro will serve as the company’s headline device in many of its regions, or for people who aren’t ready to give up volume buttons just yet.

The V17 Pro has the same Snapdragon 675 processor as the V15 Pro, which was released earlier this year, but otherwise basically everything is all-new. It has 8GB of RAM as standard, the battery has been increased to 4,100mAh, and the build is a noticeably bulkier at 9.8mm thick.

Part of that bulk can be accounted for by the battery, but the new pop-up selfie camera module probably also has something to do with it. The V17 Pro has two selfie cameras, including a 32-megapixel…

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