The Zephyrus is the perfect #laptop for someone who doesn’t want a #laptop


A couple months ago, my colleague Chaim Gartenberg wrote a fair and accurate review of the Asus ROG Zephyrus. It’s an astonishingly thin, ultra-powerful laptop for gamers, and it almost utterly fails at being a laptop. “Basically useless away from a desk” was Chaim’s ultimate verdict, and I agree.

Also, I love this laptop.

After Chaim finished his review, I asked if I could try it out. Before long, my MacBook Pro was collecting dust. I became a full-on Zephyrus convert and evangelist, with fond things to say about nearly every detail of this machine. Because while Chaim is right that this isn’t a good laptop, it’s possibly the greatest portable computer I’ve ever had the joy of using. Let me count the ways.

The hinge

Everything this…

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