The ultra-complex card game that will take over your weekend


An illustration of the Installer logo showing a camera, a card game, and a Netflix show.
Image: Cath Virginia / The Verge

Hi, friends! Welcome to Installer No. 27, your guide to the best and Verge-iest stuff in the world. (If you’re new here, hello, you’re awesome, and also, you can read all the old editions at the Installer homepage. Oh, and send me some recommendations! The more the merrier!)

This week, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Nexus on the Quest 3, reading about obsessive ramen makers and Noah Kahan’s journey to TikTok superstardom, finally watching Dune so I can be ready to see the sequel, also finally watching Patriot, and trying desperately to learn to make crispy Brussels sprouts.

I also have for you a mega-viral new camera, a better way to manage your smart home, a new book about Twitter, and a whole bunch of awesome games to play this…

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