The Linus #tech Tips #youtube hack is the latest in a line of crypto scam breaches


Illustration of a YouTube logo with geometric background
Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Update March 24th, 12:24PM ET: Linus Tech Tips, TechLinked, and Techquickie have been restored, and owner Linus Sebastian has shared a video about what happened. Our original story follows.

Popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips has been hacked this morning, with the channel’s 15.3 million subscribers seeing videos for crypto scams instead of tech hardware reviews. It’s the latest breach in a series of high-profile YouTube accounts being hacked, with scammers regularly gaining access to prominent accounts to rename them and livestream crypto scam videos.

The main Linus Tech Tips channel was breached earlier this morning, with several live videos broadcast before the hacker started making old private videos public. The account was…

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