#microsoft Paint is finally adding some of Photoshop’s best features


A screenshot of Microsoft Paint on Windows using a new layers feature.
Creating a simple image like this is much easier when you can work in layers. | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is on a slow-burn path to making Paint a useful tool for actual creators by finally implementing one of Photoshop’s core features: layers. As part of an update rolling out for testing by Windows Insiders (version 11.2308.18.0, available to some people in the Canary or Dev channels), Microsoft Paint is introducing support for both layers and transparency. These features have long been table stakes for general editing in Adobe Photoshop, but they are key to doing proper image manipulation and digital art. And most importantly, they’re coming to an app that’s free to use on Windows.

In the new version of Paint, users can use the core functions necessary for working with layers (adding new layers, moving them around, reordering…

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