#microsoft hopes people won’t become ‘over-reliant’ on its #ai assistant


Copilot introduced onstage at Microsoft’s Surface and AI event 2023.
Photo by Chris Welch/The Verge

This morning, Microsoft set the release date for its AI-powered Copilot feature and showed off some of its capabilities for the first time. At a “Responsible AI” panel following the announcement, company executives spoke about the danger of over-reliance on its generative software, which was shown creating blog posts, images, and emails based on user prompts.

Six months after the company laid off the team dedicated to upholding responsible AI principles in the products it shipped, the execs attempted to make a clear statement onstage: Everything is fine. Responsible AI is still a thing at Microsoft. And Copilot isn’t going to take your job.

“The product being called Copilot is really intentional,” said Sarah Bird, who leads responsible…

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