Lenovo made a weird $70 Alexa speaker that only works with its #android tablets


Say hello — or rather, say “Alexa” — to the Lenovo “Home Assistant Pack.” It’s a $69.99 speaker with USB port on the side, which allows you to slot in one of Lenovo’s Android tablets to make a little multimedia station, wedged in between a couple of plastic fins.

It’s sort of a smart idea, or at least the beginnings of one. Alexa is going to slowly begin to include visual feedback now that the Echo Show is available, so having a screen to go with your smart speaker is a thing. Also having a loud speaker for a tablet so you can use it to watch TV in the kitchen is another thing that makes sense. So a lot of things that are awkward with just a tablet or just a smart speaker would be potentially less awkward with this set up.

Except that…

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