Flappy Royale turns Flappy Bird into Fortnite


Flappy Bird is a gaming legend and one of the most explosively popular mobile games ever made. But what if it were more like Fortnite?

That’s the idea behind Flappy Royale, a new game from developers Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker (with contributions from Zach Gage). It mashes together the endless flapping gameplay of Flappy Bird with the last-bird-standing style of the battle royale genre that’s all the rage these days.

Gameplay is simple, just like it was in the original game: tap on your bird to flap and dodge your way through some suspiciously Mario-esque pipes. Except the goal isn’t to survive as long as you can; it’s to survive longer than the other 99 players, all of whom you can see flapping alongside you in real time. And…

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