ColorWare’s retro-styled #iphone 7 Plus is beautiful and expensive


For the last few years, ColorWare has been gracing Apple’s products with gorgeous special edition paint jobs reminiscent of vintage Macintosh products. And earlier this week, the custom painting company showed off its latest retro makeover for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Like the earlier custom ColorWare designs, the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition is repainted in a 1980’s beige, complete with darker stripes meant to resemble the vents on older computers. And of course, the monochrome Apple logo on the back is replaced with one in the classic and iconic rainbow stripes.

ColorWare has released plenty of other retro-styled Apple gear before, including the MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, and iPhone 6S all appearing before on the company’s site. But while…

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