With the return of fall comes the return of a fantastic pop culture mystery


What does fall mean to you?

Perhaps that it’s time to talk about death without it being weird? Perhaps it’s thinking of a topical-and-clever-but-cool-and-comfortable-and-cheap-and-flattering Halloween costume? Or washing your sweaters over and over, even though nothing makes them stop smelling like basement? Time to pull your Bon Iver-heavy playlists out of storage and think your saddest thoughts? Maybe “fall” to you means artificial pumpkin spice and apple flavors, and if so, that’s fine. Maybe “fall” is just a little pit stop before you get to the good stuff: the snow and twinkly lights stuff. Maybe the meaning of “fall” is inarticulable for you, but you know it makes you feel a little wild and possessed. Maybe you’re a witch? Cool!


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