This ring turns your finger into a phone


Last year I got to check out Sgnl, a wristwatch that subtly vibrates your wrist to send audio through your finger bones and into your ear bones. “Bone conduction,” as it’s known in the professional literature. It worked, kind of. It wasn’t very loud, and the audio wasn’t as good as a Bluetooth headset. But I could hear stuff, for sure.

Orii is a new Kickstarter (via Engadget) with a similar idea, but it cuts out the middleman: you wear it as a ring on your finger, so the vibration has a shorter distance to travel.

Of course, putting a ring the size of a Bluetooth headset on your index finger feels like a heavier fashion lift than a watch. I guess, all things considered, the Orii looks as good as you could expect. That is to say, it looks…

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