The Morning Show’s executive producers felt like early reviews were an ‘attack on #apple’


Photo: Apple TV Plus

Early reviews for The Morning Show weren’t exactly positive, and executive producers Kerry Ehrin and Mimi Leder believe a lot of the feedback was an “attack on Apple.”

“When those reviews came in, I didn’t know what show they were watching,” Leder said during a talk at Code Media in Los Angeles. “I thought they were nuts. I thought there were a lot of Apple haters who just wanted Apple to fail. The reviews felt like an attack on Apple.”

Both Leder and Ehrin felt like critics were reviewing Apple TV Plus as a service, and looping in The Morning Show with those critiques. When Apple TV Plus launched on November 1st, it arrived with nine shows and originals. Four of those were highly touted by Apple and those were the shows critics…

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