The FCC’s new chairman just had his first real interview — here’s what it tells us about him


Ajit Pai has been in charge of the FCC for about a month, and everyone’s still wondering what he’s gonna do with the place. Is he going to go full deregulation? Scale back here and there on his predecessor’s achievements? Focus on bipartisan issues?

So far we haven’t heard all that much from him on his plans, but on Wednesday, Pai stopped by CNBC’s Squawk on the Street for his first hard-hitting interview as chairman (he also spoke with Fox Business the other day, but it was much less eventful).

Squawk anchors David Faber and Jim Cramer got in six questions with Pai, during which he gave some vague but occasionally telling answers. You can watch the full interview below, but we’re also annotating some key parts of Pai’s answers to get a…

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