Study confirms AT&T’s fake 5G E network is no faster than #verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint 4G


AT&T’s 5G E network isn’t actually 5G. You probably knew that, but since we’ll never get tired of dunking on it, a new study (via Ars Technica) now shows that 5G E isn’t just misleading, it proves that AT&T’s current 4G LTE speeds can actually be slower than other carriers who employ similar LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro technologies. Perhaps this is why AT&T is trying to sweep the lie under the rug.

The study by Opensignal measured and compared download speeds from AT&T’s 5G E network to the results from other carriers’ 4G LTE services. From Ars Technica:

OpenSignal data is based on crowdsourced speed tests that can be performed by anyone using OpenSignal’s apps for iPhone and Android. OpenSignal told us today’s report is based on tests…

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