President #trump says the US conducted a 2018 cyberattack on #russian trolls


President Trump Departs The White House En Route To Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

President Trump told The Washington Post that he authorized a 2018 cyberattack on the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA), the first time he’s acknowledged doing so. In an interview with Post columnist Marc Thiessen, Trump confirmed that the attack— which the Post reported on last year— started on the day of the 2018 midterm and was successful in disrupting a disinformation campaign by Russia that was meant to raise doubt about the midterm results.

“Look, we stopped it,” the president told Thiessen.

In 2016, the IRA operated a troll factory as part of Russia’s overall election meddling, which also included stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee. In the past, President Trump had questioned whether Russia was involved…

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