Pixel 2 could launch in two weeks, Pixel 2 XL next month


Google’s Pixel event is happening just two days from now, but it sounds like we’ll have to wait at least two more weeks after that before the first devices start shipping. VentureBeat is reporting that the Pixel 2 will be released on October 19th, two weeks later. And Pixel 2 XL buyers may have to wait even longer, until November 15th.

The October 19th date makes plenty of sense. Last year, the Pixel was announced on October 5th and shipped on October 20th; this year, the Pixel 2 is being announced on October 4th, so the 19th would be consistent.

The XL’s release date wasn’t staggered last year, but perhaps Google is pushing it out this time to ensure that it has plenty of units to ship. It…

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