Moto X4 photo leaked, showing dual cameras and curved screen


A new leaked photo of Lenovo’s new Moto device has surfaced, coupled with a report on detailed specs and a more exact release date from VentureBeat.

We now know that the model is called the Moto X4 and its release is slated for late 2017, possibly in time for Black Friday. Moto X4 will reportedly be the first non-Google branded handset capable of operating Google’s pay-as-you-go Fi MVNO service.

Like the first Moto X from 2015, the X4, with its aluminum frame, is also built for a mid-range audience. It’s not exactly a budget phone but still boasts decent features, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chip with eight cores that all run at 2.2GHz, a full HD screen,…

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