Lenovo Yoga 910 review: all the right pieces


Say you wanted to build the perfect Windows laptop: what would you include? You might start with the latest-generation Intel processors, put in a big 4K touchscreen and make it foldable all the way around with a really nice hinge, and finish it off with high-end materials and build quality. Oh, and don’t forget a big battery, nice keyboard, and modern USB Type-C ports with one USB-A port for your sanity. Heck, throw a fingerprint sensor in there just for good measure. Make it premium but don’t charge too much.

That’s exactly what Lenovo is striving for with the new Yoga 910. It’s one of a few laptops vying to be named the Best Default Windows Laptop For Everybody — alongside HP’s Spectre x360, Acer’s Spin 7, and the venerable Dell XPS 13….

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