iOS and Mac calendar app Fantastical is moving to a subscription model


Image: Fantastical

Calendar app Fantastical is getting a big update simultaneously across all Apple platforms that adds a bunch of new features, but also moves its signature software to a subscription model on iOS and Mac.

Flexibits’ Fantastical has had a long history as one of the premier calendar apps for Apple devices. It started out as a nice-looking menubar app for Mac before slowly coming to other Apple platforms over time. The last major update to the software, Fantastical 2, rolled out slowly over time, coming to the iPhone in 2013, iPad in 2014, on Mac as a full-fledged app in 2015 and then later that year on the Apple Watch. But today marks perhaps the biggest shift in Fantastical’s history.

Let’s talk about that new subscription model first….

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