#google’s Pixel camera software has been made to work on other recent #android phones


We’re big fans of the Google Pixel’s camera, which uses some complex software to take its fantastic images. A Ukrainian app developer has found a way to port that software to any device that uses a Snapdragon 820/821 or 835 processor, so users can take their own HDR+ pictures without the Google Pixel.

The developer, who goes by the name B-S-G, posted up a modified version of Google Camera, which brings the HDR+ image processing to any device with a Snapdragon 820/81 or 835 processor. XDA writer Adam Conway reports that he tested the revised app on a variety of devices — an LG G6, a OnePlus 3, a OnePlus 3T, a OnePlus 5, and a Samsung Galaxy S8 — and found some real improvements with the resulting images.

XDA also looked at the code to…

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