#google’s Pixel 2 gets a $100 price cut on #iphone X day


Happy iPhone X preorder day!

If you’re an Android user that doesn’t mean much. But, lucky for you, if you were eyeing an Android flagship, Best Buy is currently offering a $100 savings on the Google Pixel 2 (the Pixel 2 XL isn’t part of the deal). The sale is limited to all colors and capacities of the Verizon Pixel 2, and requires a two year contract.

For the 64GB model it’s $22.91 a month for 2 years, rather than the regular $27.08, which saves you $4.17 each month for the life of the contract. So you’ll be paying $550 for your device instead of $650. If you prefer a larger storage option, the Pixel 2 with 128GB is $27.08 per month, down from $31.25. It’s important to note though, that if you buy the device outright you won’t get the…

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