eBay’s #android app has a new AR feature to help you pick the correct box size for shipping


eBay has updated its Android app to include a new augmented reality feature that helps you figure out what box size you’ll need to use to ship your stuff, via Android Police.

The AR feature is pretty simple: point your phone at whatever it is you’re trying to ship, and it’ll superimpose an augmented reality box over it so you can figure out if it’ll fit. It’s got a bunch of standard box sizes built in. The idea is that you’ll know that you need to get, say, a medium USPS flat rate box from the post office instead of overshooting and having to go back for a bunch of bubble wrap (to pick a purely hypothetical example).

eBay says that the feature will only work on a few devices, although it hasn’t given a list (Android Police speculates…

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