Drivers are suing ‘driver-friendly’ ride-hail apps Gett and Juno


Drivers filed a federal class action lawsuit last week against so-called “driver-friendly” ride-hail apps Gett and Juno, alleging contractual breaches, intentional misrepresentations, false and deceptive advertising, and stock fraud.

When it first launched in New York City in April 2016, Juno positioned itself as the “anti-Uber,” promising better earnings and equity in the company to drivers. Drivers flocked to the app, instantly catapulting Juno to the top tiers of ride-hailing in New York City. But after it was acquired by the Tel Aviv-based Gett for $200 million earlier this year, Juno nullified its equity program with drivers, promising payouts to some drivers who had accumulated shares with the company.

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