Costco members can now get discounts on #apple online services


Apple Arcade as well as Apple News Plus and Apple TV Plus are all discounted at Costco. | Image: Apple

If you’re a Costco member, you can currently cash in on sales for a variety of Apple online services. The big-box retailer has discounted subscriptions for Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, and Apple TV Plus (via MacRumors). The going rate for a year of Apple TV Plus or Apple Arcade is usually $49.99, but either one is currently available through Costco for $44.99. A year of Apple News Plus would usually cost $119.99 when purchased on a month-to-month basis directly from Apple, but Costco has discounted that same subscription to just $89.99.

As the name suggests, Apple Arcade grants access to a number of exclusive mobile games that are unavailable on other devices. Just note that you’ll have to pay a fee to purchase games in addition to…

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