Recruit Scheduling Solutions

Recruit Scheduling Solutions

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Company Information

Recruit Scheduling Solutions is your #1 source for recruiting. It is the “One Stop Solution” for your recruit scheduling needs. Recruit Scheduling Solutions is a service founded on helping Top Collegiate Recruiters in Sports stay organized and better managers of time. The founder of Recruit Scheduling Solutions is a 15 year veteran assistant coach and recruiting coordinator that felt the need, and had the passion, to develop a resource to help recruiters at every level have better Work – Life balance. The solution is what\\'s being provided to you…a website that allows the user the ability to import schedules and then organize them in a way that will help create a systematic approach to building a time table for evaluating prospects.

Investment Opportunity

Deal StructureAmountSummary
Private Equity$50,000.00We are looking to expand our operations to new, yet related markets. The details of this are reserved for interested parties solely.

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