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Recruit Scheduling Solutions

Raising $50,000.00

Recruit Scheduling Solutions is your #1 source for recruiting. It is the “One Stop Solution” for your recruit scheduling needs. Recruit Scheduling Solutions is a service founded on helping Top Collegiate Recruiters in Sports stay organized and be ...

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Bromley Ag Ltd.

Raising $500,000.00

We are a Colorado-based company operating in the commercial and retail hydroponic agriculture industry with an emphasis on cannabis cultivation. Big data analysis and automation is at the core of our operations, allowing us to offer a competitive pr ...

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Raising $100,000.00

FlipCoin is an altcoin trading platform that allows traders of all skill levels to get involved with cryptocurrencies. Further, we allow the user to automate their trading philosophy for a hands-off experience. We will also be offering a cryptocurr ...

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INTP provides custom IT and software services with a large client-base in tech startups.

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Legal Sponsor

Charles Herbert

Charles Herbert

Charles Herbert provides the legal framework and representation to ensure your startup's security and success.

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info@overconcontainers .com

We pair superior service with a premium selection of new and used shipping containers.

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